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Determined to serve his country and contribute to its security, D. Arthur Gusner, at the young age of sixteen, “borrowed” his brother Jack’s draft card and joined the United States Army. After three years of honorable service he then sought a formal education at California State Polytechnic University in San Luis Obispo where he earned degrees in chemistry and physics. 


His subsequent career as a physicist for the United States Navy, where he specialized in submarine warfare, inspired him to design and develop the world’s first successful submarine weapons systems integrated performance analysis capability.


At the end of the cold war he retired from the field of submarine warfare. He subsequently turned his attention to marine research and exploration, where he has focused on the search for and recovery of historical shipwrecks.


Author of a high adventure and military science fiction series, his extensive experience and submarine warfare background influenced his high adventure books Guardian Force, Earth Guardian, and Guardian Probe.


D. Arthur Gusner currently lives on California's Central Coast.


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